Life as a Digital Nomad

Written By Aaron Winning

On January 10, 2020

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A new journey commences

2020 has brought about the biggest challenge in a decade plus of running my own business.

Living as a true digital nomad.

For many years, I’ve travelled Australia, working remotely & staying in places to connect with new people & projects.

However, on the 31st of December 2019, I set off on a new type of journey. One without a permanent place that I can call ‘home’.

It’s quite the unique experience. Dealing with Airports / Airlines & Immigation queues are not new to me and these relatively stayed the same.

However the journey after entering a country is a little different now, with not having fixed plans in place at all. Only having my laptop & iPad, suitcase & backpack, it means that I can end up anywhere.

I arrived on Phuket Island in the Kingdom of Thailand 9 mins before midnight local time & whilst everyone back home had seen midnight come and go 4 hours previously – I was sitting in my seat as midnight hit whilst I watched a fellow passenger get taken off my flight by local Thai Police for drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Nothing said welcome to 2020 more than that moment. Understanding that I was in a different country with vastly different rules to my home country of Australia.

It was a different perspective this time round, as in 2014 when I last visted the Kindgom, it was on board a flight with friends to come celebrate the marriage of some other good friends.

This time it was just myself, with suitcases & backpack in hand – walking through Immigration.


Arriving in Phuket

On my first day staying in the Patong Beach area, I went for a exploration walk to see my surroundings & to see what had changed since my last visit here.

Apart from the Thai Bhat (local currency) being stronger, it was relatively the same place. Albeit a little quieter even though it was during Phuket’s High Season with the Northern Hemisphere winter season generally attracting tourists from colder locations.

Very quickly I found that Phuket this time round wasn’t the space I needed to be in, so after travelling to visit a friend (an ex Thai Tourist Police officer to be exact) I jumped on a flight to Bangkok, or BKK to those who have fallen in love with this majestic place.

A new headspace in BKK

I’ve found a space to call home for around 40 days whilst I’m here, called UnionSPACE – a co-living / co-working environment that gives me a space to rest my head, a workspace to get things done & a great location that allows me to explore everything that BKK has to offer.

It’s a very chaotic vibe here in BKK. So much is happening at any one point in time on the street that distractions are a plenty.

Street Vendors to new shops / bars and gigantic shopping centres with multiple levels of brands that I know & brands I’ve never heard of before.

I’m so excited to spend the next month place in a plus that has very quickly won me over.





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